There are so many choices when it comes to options!

There are a lot of options so we can make sure we fit your budget along with you and your daughter’s view of what her Sweet 16 should be like. In this article we’ll break it down and talk about some of the more popular options, and what you might need, or might not need.

NJ DJSound

Sound is an important topic that most clients don’t think about.
Our basic sound package consists of 2 professional speakers that give a great full rounded sound. Our basic sound package is good for parties of up to 125 people!
If there are more than 100 guests we do recommend adding our extra bass to your package. This will add a subwoofer to give an extra thump to the sound that many of the dance songs feature. Over 125 people then the extra bass is highly recommended.
Any size party where you want a fuller sound can benefit from upgraded sound.
More than 250 people? 2 subwoofers are a requirement.
If there are wings to the room and it isn’t a simple square or circle, you may want to think about additional speakers. Also if a cocktail hour is going to be held in a separate room, speakers may be required if you want music during the cocktail hour.


NJ DJLighting

DJ Lighting may be one of the biggest questions when it comes to looking for DJs. The options are endless and some DJs even focus more on the lights than the sound.

We offer a large range of lighting package. But what do you really need? What might look great? What could give that extra wow factor?

If you are having a daytime Sweet 16 and there are huge windows, lighting is not even an issue, it won’t be dark enough to see it. But if you are having a night time party, the lighting can really make the dance floor and room transform into anything you want.

We highly recommend lighting for any event where the primary focus will be on dancing, this is the case for Sweet 16s. With that said we do have lighting that will fit your budget!

We start with our 3-4 light package that just adds that little extra fun to the dance and is typically chosen for the average sweet 16 with about 20-30 teens. This lighting package provides the perfect amount of light to fill the dance floor.

For the larger Sweet 16s and those that want to really impress an upgrade to our light truss package is recommended. This provides either 2 light trees on either side of the DJ, or 1 combined 10 foot long lighting truss that would go from one end of the DJ area to the other. This package provides enough lighting to light the entire room.

To make the evening truly magical you can upgrade any lighting package to intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting is controlled lighting where we can control everything the light does. Some DJ companies advertise Intelligent lighting, but then they just connect the lights to each other so they move together, but have no control over the movement. We really control all our lights by laptop!

Another lighting option that is provided is uplighting, this can add a great ambiance to your room making everything about your party something special to remember. We will discus up lighting more in a future article.

Photo Booth and more sections coming soon…